How to Quit Smoking Weed-How to Stop Smoking Pot

What happened next… Well, I finally learned how to stop smoking weed…!

Realizing that willpower was pretty much useless when it came to quitting marijuana, I decided to try anti-depressants, thinking  it might somehow help stop smoking weed easier by taking away the depression.

So I got a bottle of SSRI’s with my parent’s help.  But it was like replacing pot with some other drug, only this one had it’s own side effects. I was familiar with weed facts & weed side effects, but not this…

Nope, quitting marijuana requires quite a different approach. Instead it made me drowsy & nauseous. Going to sleep became a problem and I felt like a friken zombie. I remember thinking, “man I just want to quit cannabis”.

Not only was it useless for quitting marijuana, Later I found out that you could actually get hooked on the crap and have withdrawals!!! (as if marijuana recovery wasn’t enough…) Bottom line, I didn’t stop smoking weed.

Instead, to deal with all this, you can pretty much guess what I did right…? Ya, got to smoking weed again…  At this point, quitting marijuana seemed like the impossible mission.

I was getting nowhere fast and had to find other ways to stop smoking weed & get marijuana help.

So (as you do) I searched online for something like “how to stop smoking weed”. Soon enough, I came across this easy 5-step quitting marijuana program.

It had great stop smoking pot success stories (check their website out – it’s unbelievable) so I bought it right there and then.

The 5 step guide took me by the hand and led me step by step towards quitting marijuana in the most effective & painless methods! It guided me through everything I was actually feeling, thinking and having a hard time with. Then, it gave me realistic solutions that totally worked!

I was able to use it in the privacy of my own room & with headphones on, as the audio & visual treatments did their job. I literally felt it working from the get-go.

But the only issue is that if you want to stop smoking weed, you have to use it every day. Long story short, it was the light at the end of the tunnel for my marijuana recovery.

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There are a lot of people out there addicted to marijuana who are looking for help and if you’re in the same boat, then this could be the beginning for your quitting marijuana victory.

I remember times when it felt like my life was going down the drain, everything just sucked, people were this and that, no one cares, who can possibly understand, things are never going to get better, I can’t stop smoking weed, blah blah blah…

But things took a turn for the better in a hurry as the addiction to marijuana gradually withered away, along with it’s grim consequences. And I started saying, “I could stop smoking marijuana…I could stop smoking pot.”

If someone back then would have told me how my life would be right now, I would’ve never believed him.

The thought that one day, I would be able to help stop smoking weed, learn how to blog and even get a decent job was daydream stuff.  But it happened…!

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I always knew that there were people who really needed stop smoking weed secrets because they were addicted to marijuana. But man, the though that it could happen to me was never real. It just seemed impossible that I could get hooked on anything, let alone need help stop smoking weed…

Well, eventually Marijuana recovery became the most important issue for me because pot was really screwing up my life pretty bad. I wasn’t getting that bliss of getting high anymore, like someone flipped the switch on me or something. I can remember saying, “oh man, I can’t stop smoking weed.”

The real reason I had to stop smoking marijuana was that I just started having some really messed up experiences and began dreading the mess I was in. It didn’t just affect me either, folks that cared about me were also suffering because I was addicted to marijuana.

I smoked bud constantly for about 5 years before finally learning how to stop smoking weed.  In high school & college, I was surrounded by all kinds of stuff, and pot was one of them.

At first, it was easy to say no, but one day I decided to smoke pot to see what it was all about. It only took me one time to experience the full weed side effects, and I was hooked…

It was never something I was proud of & I knew too well that I had to stop smoking marijuana. But the thing is,  it took my mind away from the realities of every day life, until the problems started….

I had gotten so used to smoking weed, that it literally became a craving from the time I woke up until I crashed. In so many words, I needed to stop smoking weed bad.

At first, I tried quitting marijuana three times by shear willpower(the hard way), a few times by following tips that people left online and this quit cannabis book a friend gave me. But I just kept slipping back, again and again.

Who knows where I’d be today without the easy-stop smoking marijuana program. Man, I’m not going there…

The bottom line was that I needed change in my life, so it was the start of a journey to stop smoking weed, achieve more & help others who are addicted to marijuana.

Everyday is a new day for me after learning how to stop smoking weed. I’m finally able to go after & achieve things that can only happen once things like smoking weed are out of the way. It’s like my mind is thanking me for quitting marijuana. There’s a zillion reasons why the effects of weed takes away all  the goodness of life.

Sometimes it’s hard to realize it, but others see it as clear as day, that “your just not yourself anymore…” It goes more than skin deep when you hear that a few times. I thank God for those words because it hurt enough for me to say, “that’s it, I gotta do something about this, I gotta stop smoking weed…”

Now, there’s no more of that unnecessary-stupid anxiety, fear, paranoia, hiding, low self-esteem, self-consciousness, awkward feelings, bad grades, dead-end-life, loser-pothead crowd, weed side effects, going broke etc…

It’s been over a year & a half  that I’m clean and the desire to smoke weed is too weak to even matter. The best part is, I didn’t have to fight so hard while quitting marijuana…

If they ever get to read this, the only thing I can say is a wholehearted,  Thank you!!! It was because of your audio program that I was able to finally stop smoking weed!

I really hope you found this information useful and want you to believe that if I can get help stop smoking weed, then so can you baby. Stop robbing yourself from the goodness of life!

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I thought it would be important to throw up some pictures to symbolize the reasons behind quitting marijuana. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, it might further help you guys to understand the urgency to quit smoking pot.

How many times have you heard of a pot head, weed crazy person achieving things in life that are valuable, important or noteworthy…? Did you ever see one that has reared a respectable family and is respected within family members?

In our minds, we tend to fantasize things that are so far from reality that it’s difficult to bring such thoughts into focus and wake the person up into sober, actual thinking. For example: How many times have you thought that you can go on smoking weed & it won’t affect anything in life that’s important at all…

Or, that quitting marijuana isn’t really going to be necessary, it’s just pot… “Why would I ever have to stop smoking marijuana, I can still attain everything that a non-pot smoker get out of life…” “Quit smoking pot…why, it’s not like life will be any different…” On and on the lies in our heads continue to overshadow the actual truth!

So, the next time you ask yourself, is quitting marijuana really necessary, what can possibly happen if i don’t stop smoking marijuana, my friends don’t stop smoking pot…, so why should I quit smoking pot, there are a lot of celebrities who haven’t quit smoking marijuana, it’s about to become legal, so why quit smoking weed now? Who the heck needs marijuana help…?

Here is your answer, maybe this will tame the stupid lies in our heads!

It starts all harmless like this:

Then you find yourself spending time with people like this, buying and selling weed…

Then you, or someone you know of ends up getting busted & maybe thrown in jail like this:

Then if you don’t stop smoking marijuana, then you can get Psychosis!!! What is that, when the brain is damaged  & can’t work in a normal manner any more! Can weed do that? Why don’t you look it up… So here’s what can happen if quitting marijuana is not on the agenda:

So then, what’s left of your beautiful life that could have been filled with joy, laughter and achievement…?

Let’s give your local pot dealer a big hand for ruining your life

Stop doing this to yourself and quit letting others do it to you! Click the link below to be able to quit smoking pot permanently and smoothly…

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This post  presents some tips to help you stop smoking weed and is full of great information. There are some important things that you should consider to successfully beat the cravings and quit smoking marijuana.

The info will show you what should be kept and what should be done away with, how to avoid desires and why you will need a lot of rest. This article will help you with what is needed for marijuana recovery.

To stop smoking marijuana, you will first need to get into the mindset that you’re really going to go from start to finish with this. Throw away everything related to smoking pot. This helps big-time by not reminding you of smoking grass all the time. You’ll be that much closer to quitting marijuana.

To quit smoking pot, you need to undo what the body & mind have been accustomed to doing, and one way to do that is to fill in these gaps with other activities. For example, if you have to smoke weed at noon, then you can ride a bike or try jogging.

These are just the little things that can be done, that only make it that much easier to stop smoking pot, and you can use all the help you can get.

When you first stop smoking weed,  you might feel extremely tired, but don’t worry too much about that, just get some extra sleep and soon you’ll be back to normal. Remember that when you quit smoking marijuana, your body goes through a serious cleaning that will be noticed. This is all part of the marijuana recovery process.

To stop smoking weed, one of the most critically important steps to take is to diss your pothead friends. I’m sorry, but if they’re still smoking, you cannot be around… You cannot quit smoking pot if you’re around it all the time…

Believe me, I’ve been there… They will talk you into taking the “last hit” again and again. So if you want to stop smoking pot , they must be far away from you, period.

To detox after you stop smoking marijuana, you should drink a lot of water. It will help you flush the THC from your system. Not only will this clean you up, but your cravings to smoke bud, you’ll notice, will lessen.

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